Friday Question: How Do You Deal With Your Ego?

Good Morning,

It’s Friday again, and as has become tradition, I will be posing a question for anyone to answer. But before I do that, I would just like to thank everyone that has commented and participated in responding on any of my pieces. Often, it is many of your astute opinions that have led me to broaden and expand my own personal perspective on things. More than that, I realize that I am connecting with people that are thinking critically and openly as well, and so I would just like to show my appreciation by thanking all that have shown their support. Thank you.

So it’s right to it then, I suppose: question time. How do you keep your ego in check?

This time, I’m targeting a more direct question to all of your readers. I see the ego as an obstacle that we all have to face if we want to live anything more than a shallow life. So I’m wondering how people overcome or at the very least deal with such a thing. How exactly do you move beyond the material desires that tease and tantalize us? The want for a certain image, to have certain things, to be a certain way.

I’ve come to see the ego as an invisible enemy of human beings, an obstacle we created for ourselves. We each have a different ego, but a similarity we all share is that we want. It is that desire that we all have, and I want to know how you handle your’s? What do you do when the ego gets a little too big?

Thanks again everyone, and I’m looking forward to some great conversations.



Life Is But a Blazing Fire by Falling Squirrel

Hello again everyone, it’s been a while. I find that I can no longer post everyday amidst the rigors of life, but I am most definitely not gone! I am working on my reply piece to last Friday’s question, but for today, I have another amazing poem to share with all of you. This one is written by a writer that goes by the name Falling Squirrel. This piece stood out to me because of it’s intensity and sad truths. It was as if this poem was written in words that I couldn’t yet find, but somehow knew deep down. It has a nice flow, and I think it’s worth several run-throughs. Enjoy:

Take a photo of your life

Take a little snapshot

Full of joy and full of strife

For which you have a soft spot


In the future, take a look

Shuffle through the cards

And you will see the thoughts that shook

Your world so very hard


But most of all now, you will see

A pattern – ‘cause your life repeats

So take my word for it, I know

That what you reap is what you sow


We’re trapped, us all, each single one

We’re meant to burn another sun

We build our fires, night and day

So we can see the ashen blaze…

So we can pay the price we pay…


So we can see our world decay.

Thanks again to everyone that submitted! You may submit another piece of your own here.


Friday Question: What is Authentic Art?

Hello everyone,

It’s Friday! Who doesn’t love a Friday? It’s a great day to ponder on meaningful questions, don’t you think? Well guess what, I have one.

I’m endlessly intrigued by how people view the world. I find it simply amazing that we can all have our own ideas and perspectives on the same thing. Who’s to say everyone’s perception of color, sense of hearing, or interpretation of smell is the same? Different people enjoy different genres of music, different styles of writing, different architecture. Our world is so diverse. The same goes for art.

Just like anything in history, art has progressed massively through the ages. The discoveries of man have always been reflected in the arts of every culture. We yearn to express ourselves.


Are those art pieces? (Photo credit: A.Currell)

I cannot say that I am drawn to, or connect with all forms of art. There are songs I hear or paintings I see or poems I read that I simply dislike. I may not connect with the message, or maybe it has the feel of being sloppily made. Perhaps you get the impression that it’s an ordinary piece of ‘artwork’ that in itself has no uniqueness, or any sort of deeper message. I have commonly heard disgust directed toward modern works of art, because they do not follow traditional rules. The price-tag in particular can sometimes be cause enough for outrage.

So here’s my question for you, my readers: What do you think is authentic artwork? What holds meaning, has a powerful message, or is a true work of expression, in your opinion? What is worthy or being called ‘art’?

I’m excited to hear what all of you have to say… happy Friday!



The following is a post by a new monthly contributor to this blog, ZF, about his view on awareness. Enjoy.

There is something fascinating about awareness, our abiliy to step back and see things in a different light – when we choose to, of course. So much time and energy is wasted in our daily lives when we are stuck in our ways, married to our beliefs, and therefore see nothing but what our heads tell us to see in front of us.


Let your true “I” emerge. (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

At any time, you can choose to view things from the perspective of the soul – the still part of you, the true “I.” You let your true “eyes” see things as they are, without panic, without letting fear and other emotions take you to places you ultimately would rather not go. How is this accomplished? By creating distance from your mind – your thoughts, your physical self – and letting the silent witness observe what’s there. Every time I do this, I realize there’s more to the picture than I am seeing, and what a difference that makes! I may still be afraid, or angry, or sad, but then THAT becomes the thing (the emotion) that needs my attention, not the reaction to it. I am then able to pay attention to what I’m feeling rather than being consumed by the reaction that wants to take over (the mind, the ego).


Who is responsible for the chaos?(Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

It’s not easy, of course, at least not at first, and requires practice to strengthen the muscle. But next time you are spinning out of control – thinking too much, talking too much, doing too much, reacting in a negative way to the smallest things – ask yourself what is truly happening, how could it all be so convoluted if not for your actions and your own perspective? Who is the “Convoluter” creating all this chaos? The mere asking will create space and allow you to see better what is going on. To see that you are not your thoughts, you are not even your emotions – those are all a part of our false identification. We are beings – beings who have experiences, who feel, who are here to evolve. Our true selves are much grander and much more expansive than we even allow ourselves to know.

The more you practice this, the more you will begin to see life differently – your work, your time with people, your time alone. This isn’t to say that you won’t feel things in the process! Of course you will, but by spending time with your emotions – without letting them consume you – you will have an opportunity to learn something about yourself.

Standing Tall in the Morning Light

“When you change how you see the world, your whole world changes.”(Photo credit: Brian Hathcock)

It’s a different way of looking at life and a way to live it more richly and fully. Relationships blossom and the world around you is very different, because you’re different and you start seeing everything in a new light. This reminds me of the following quote:

“When you change how you see the world, your whole world changes.”

–Aman Motwane

It starts with you.

It’s a work in progress, no doubt, and it’s completely useless to bash on one’s self because one is not yet “there.” Getting there takes time and patience. I’m living proof and there’s no rushing it, only gently trying to create that space over and over again till it becomes the normal. After all, practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes normal. And what a wonderful way to live when full awareness is our everyday norm. ZF.

[The [un] [product] [ive] life]

Hello everyone, it’s Wednesday – poetry time!

First off, I’d like to say thank you to all that submitted their poetry. Not only were all of your pieces great, I recognize that it takes a degree of courage to give your work to someone to be judged. I really want to thank you for sharing, though, because some of those pieces were really quite inspiring and inspired me to try new things.

Also, if I did not choose your piece, please do not fret. There is still a chance that it will be picked on a future week.

Right, so for my first ever mid-week poetry piece, I am sharing this incredible poem written by Observing Vessel, about expression and confinements. The thing about this piece is that it really flows in an unusual way. For myself, I felt as though I was floating through the piece at a blissfuly, leisurely pace. Better yet, the words ring with a truth that can easily shift one’s perspective. So please, scroll down and read it.


There is an art to everything,

and everything can sell.

What was once an art, is now a science

and very little is left sacred.

Fear of the unknown is cause for defence;

this defence is a boundary.

We label the spaces between the boundaries,

neatly boxed up.

We crave a sense of value;


I am not sure.

We put value in the spaces;

then value the label.

What is it we are left with?

A neatly packaged product

to keep the fear at bay.

What we cannot see is unknown

and what is unknown still exists, whether or not we fear it.

There is a pill to suppress the fear;

money, the placebo.

And in return;

a neatly packaged product for you to entertain.

I’m tired of the boxes, for there are too many.

They clutter my life space leaving no room to breath

and even less space for growth.

My expression cannot live.

Once it has birthed it is immediately packaged up

in a box,

in a space

between boundaries,

with a label,

where I put my value,

but the label is valued more.

Very little is sacred;

left to be.

Why can’t it wander for what it is?

My expression is meant for living,

I want it a life.

Free to wander and be

not enclosed in a box;

in a space between boundaries,

with a label.

What kind of life is that?

I rather have my expression nameless and free

than sitting in a box,

in a space between boundaries.

I am becoming unproductive.

If you want more poetry from Observing Vessel, click here. Other writing by this author can be found here. It’s definitely worth at least a spare moment of yours.

Right, so that’s that for today. Tune in next week for more poetry. And if you have some poetry you want to share, here are the instructions. Thanks again, everybody, see you tomorrow!


Time Is Slipping

Time is slipping, yet again,

The harder I grip, the quicker it bends,

Before I know it, my time is done,

And all will return to where it had begun,


There is a pit in my stomach,

Every night as I sleep, it grows,

I know deep down my life will end,

And I won’t learn all that I want to know,


So I must hurry,

I must rush with all my might,

For if I don’t,

How will I discover life’s delights?


And yet, the rushing and scrambling,

Won’t help me find a thing,

Because it’s with patience and quiet,

That I will find everything,


Time isn’t real,

It’s simply a tracker for what transpires,

How could you possibly think,

That one day your soul could expire?


The brightness of this brilliant idea,

Eventually darkens our hearts,

This lie will leave you squirming and twisting,

A lie that’s ever so convincing,




You Create Your Opportunities

“Wait for the opportunity.”

Why? Why do you have to wait? I do not understand why it is so widely encouraged to live one’s life waiting, because let’s face it: opportunities that aren’t of one’s own doing are few and far between. Which means you’re bound to end up waiting most of your life in the hope that things will just happen. What’s worse is that I hear that very phrase be said almost on a daily basis.


Patience is a beautiful thing. (Photo credit: I am marlon)

Now, don’t get me wrong – patience can be everything at times. To have patience is to be able to listen to what the world has to say. To endure in trying times. Patience goes hand in hand with acceptance (accepting, perhaps, that the world does not revolve around you), and thus I cannot stress its importance enough. What I mean to say is that having the ability to wait, to pause and slow down are incredibly valuable skills. You’ll live more in your own skin, more happily. And whether you like it or not, there are things in life that require patience, no matter what. Like discovering who you are.


Should you choose to, you can create the path to wherever it is that you want to go. (Photo credit: raghavvidya)

At the same time, always waiting for things to happen in your life won’t get you all that far. As a child, generally your responsibilities are minimal. As you grow older and enter high school, then college, your life is placed more and more in your own hands. That time when things just happened for you is suddenly gone – you become the one that has to make those things happen. How will you spend your time? Who will you spend your time with? It really is up to you how the rest of your life will turn out.

If you want to get somewhere, accomplish something, complete this, finish that, whatever it is, you have to go do it. It’s that simple. A great many of us have this fantasy that eventually we’ll just realize our goals if we just wait long enough, and the truth is, that never happens.

I have always believed in the power of thinking and intention to manifest things in one’s life.

Jones Street San Francisco

That house could be yours if you set yourself up to make it yours. (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

I really do believe it. But a large part of thought manifestation is that not only is one usually wishing for something to happen, but they are also contributing to making that thing happen. For example, if everyday I imagined myself sitting in a beautiful new home, not only am I hoping it will happen, but I am also going to do my best to make it happen – work hard, save up, etc. If you want it, you will make that house become a reality.

This ties into my piece about experiencing life – the best way to experience things is to just dive in, to go for it. You have to go and make whatever it is that you want, happen. Do you want to make it big in the entertainment world? Do your research, take classes, audition. Talk to the people that can help you. If you have any aspirations, any goals, any ambition whatsoever, it is you that must find the means to make it happen. You are the one that creates your own opportunities.

This is exactly why I always tell people that the more open they are in their life, the greater and more numerous their chances become. As you open your awareness, as you explore the unknown in the world and within yourself, you will become a better person, someone more completely. It’s because you’re finding yourself, yes. But it’s also because you can do so much more with your life, the quality of your living becomes richer.

You are the orchestrator of the symphony of your life. If you want something, you are the one to make it happen.