Nathan Barinstein – An Incredible Channel of Inspiration

Hi everyone,

I have found the most incredible, inspiring channel on youtube, called Nathan Barinstein (you can click on the name in blue to check it out, or just look up “Nathan Barinstein on youtube). This is a super interesting and entertaining channel and all of the videos that have been uploaded to it are FASCINATING. To anyone who reads this blog, please go check it out, you won’t regret it.

This is a youtube channel for anyone interested in travel, in self-discovery, and beautiful cinematography.

Here are the links to some of the videos (click on the titles below):

What is Happiness?

Meeting a President

Flying In An Old American Plane 

I really do think they’re worth checking out, and you can subscribe to the channel to get notifications whenever a new video goes up.

You can thank me later!



I Cannot Simply Be

I am lost

Without direction, just a shell is left

To endure the ride of life,

I have nothing more

I cannot simply be


The pain raking my very soul

The pain you see in my eyes

It’s there, its real – I put it there

I cannot simply be


I’ve tried to run

To step aside

To feel just a moment’s peace within

But I’m stuck here,

With myself

Suffering from the lack of me

I cannot simply be


Consumed am I, for I consume

The young man was lost amidst his pride,

A disguise for the truth inside

I cannot simply be


So raw, so vivid, so real,

How am I anything when I fail to see

That to be free, to be truly Free

I must learn to simply be

Growth Isn’t Linear

We all want to improve. Furthermore, we want improvements to come easily. Of course we do, why not? That would make life a lot more enjoyable, right?

The thing is, improvement is far from an easy thing to find for yourself. Growth often takes questioning your views, your opinion, how you’re living your life. It sometimes takes facing things you fear. Growth can require taking on challenges, overcoming obstacles. Conflict is better than stagnation, and I believe it completely.

But one will find growth in other ways, ways they haven’t yet explored, and this I came to realize when I began to push myself too far. I’m a firm believer in moving outside of one’s own comfort zone and that is reflected in my writing. I constantly encourage people to do stuff they’ve never done before. To go the extra mile. I do my best to do the same, to practice what I say.

English: Sparklers with a slow shutter speed.

Maybe if everything in life stopped being rushed, we would be able to read the words in the sky, instead of wondering what those odd squiggles say. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But I realized that in giving everything I had to improving on this and that and everything, I was losing myself and moving closer and closer to snapping, to burning out. Anyone that goes through a similar experience knows quite well the feeling of taking one step forward, and then falling two backwards.

I realize now that I was consumed with always moving forward and getting better, getting my way. It didn’t matter at what, what mattered was that I did. I put all my attention to being the best I could be, and in doing that, I began doing something else – forcing my will on life. When I say that, I mean that I was trying to make everything go my way. Needless to say, frustration is inevitable with that mindset.


No matter how much you may like to think of yourself as a train on a straight path to Heaven, or Enlightenment, you’re not. No path through life is straight. (Photo credit: Martin Deutsch)

Being who I am, I feel like I need to perform at all times. I often give myself no time to relax, no time to enjoy, and in doing so, am able to accomplish less, sometimes nothing. I never let myself slow down and stop doing.

Growth is not solely found in doing, doing, doing. Learning to go with the flow, to be a follower sometimes, to listen and take in and be – that’s growth too. This is why I say that growth isn’t linear, it doesn’t follow a line. There are many things we must learn, and they do not all stack up one on top of each other to be taken apart one by one. When you hit a rut, stop, reconsider, and maybe go a new direction. Sometimes we feel our progress, and life is good. Sometimes, we lose sight of where we are and everything feels dark.

Just remember that growth isn’t linear, just as your life is not just a straight line.


Times Will Change You

We’re always changing,

It’s out of our control,

Let things happen,

Let the waves roll,


Times move so rapidly,

They come together, then disperse,

You and I cannot command,

The flow of our universe,


For those of us stuck,

In having our way,

Ahead lays a fruitless battle,

With change in the fray,


Be strong with yourself,

Know who you are,

But let life take you,

To the near and to the far,


Feel the world around you,

Look at the clouds in the sky,

There is change, in everything,

You’re born, you live and you die,


We’re always changing,

It’s out of our control,

Let things happen,

Let the waves roll,



Slowwww Down


Ah, well, there are many things that I have still to learn.

Speed seems to be everything for people now. Not only does it seem as though there are technological advancements daily, but everything is instant now. Texting/Social Networking/Skype – it’s all so immediate. Everything is in your face, trying to suck up some of your attention and time and money.

Everyone wants faster, better, more efficient. If you have the newest iPhone, you’re cool. People will give you more attention, guaranteed.

What we forget as we grow into this accelerating maelstrom of digital connecting, is that it’s


Never does there seem to be the time to stop. (Photo credit: antony_mayfield)

affecting our entire lives. Our entire life suddenly has to be faster, better, more efficient. There’s no time for breaks if you want to be successful.

If you can’t get enough sleep, there are “solutions” for that too. Please welcome our good friend caffeine. A consistently used short-term solution. It’s unhealthy to rely on such “quick-fixes” to say the least.

That’s where many of us have gone. At the velocity that everything is going, it’s impossible to keep up otherwise. Want to make more money? Push yourself harder. I have heard of lawyers making an excess of money but never being able to take breaks or vacation, because the line of work that they are in constrains them from doing so. When does one plan so end the vicious cycle?

That’s completely missing the point of living. You don’t come into your life with anything material, and you leave without a single material thing, so why make it the goal of your life to compile something ultimately meaningless (in terms of growing as a person)?

I recognize that there is now a certain level of necessity to money in living, and there’s no escaping that. Again, it’s a balance – losing yourself in material pleasures vs. abstaining so much as to not enjoy life. Finding that balance is crucial, and one of the keys to moving in the right direction.

I say these things today, because I myself have come across those exact issues. I’ve become very fixated on the success of this blog, the success of everything in my life. My achievements are never enough, as I must always be better. There is no way to keep up, to always be able to move faster and faster.

The solution? Slow down. It may seem like a contradictory statement, but it make sense. Obviously accelerating to higher levels of speed is harmful and not working. What’s the definition of insanity?

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

–Albert Einstein

Life is an awful and frustrating place if whatever it is that you’re doing is never good enough. It all stems from how you choose to view your life, and the perspective that you choose to have. A failure for one can be a success for another. You’re the only one that can pick which you’d like to view things as.

Possibly the most important part of slowing down? Many beauties of life are subtle and hidden, and can only be found with patient eyes. For me, this is where much of the value of living resides. Gluing yourself to your computer, although an amazing tool, will bring your quality of living down a bit.

Slowing down in your life allows for more space to listen to what your mind and body are feeling in response to the things around you. One can exist more ‘in the moment’ and truly extract things otherwise impossible to find in life. You can find your bliss if you don’t race through life.

So slow down and re-evaluate what really matters to you – these are the things that should always take top priority. And if you value them enough, you’ll make them happen.


The Struggle of Staying Unique

Hey People,

We all want to be special. It’s something I think is ingrained in not only our society, but also our way of acting/thinking. There’s something great about being the first to land on the moon, or the fastest sprinter, or the best mathematician. We as humanity strive for that, and always have.

Think of ancient civilizations. Who has the best army, the strongest fighters, the wealthiest economy? That seemed to be all that mattered. Now although that hasn’t gone completely in modern times, there seems to be a greater range of different things one can be the best at, or first doing, or whatever.

The thing about that makes this a destructive cycle is that it is quite difficult to be one of those lucky or talented (depending on how you look at it) people. Especially in a population that has now surpassed 7,000,000,000, it seems at times like you’ll never be anybody in a world of somebodies.

That’s exactly how I feel as I search for a unique name that I like for this blog. Everyone seems to have taken anything worthwhile.

I get now why that need for specialness is such a priority in one’s life. There’s so much that it seems to bring – something that cannot be taken by anyone, something that will set one apart from the rest, something that will seem like it’ll move one a level above what they were before.

Yeah yeah, I’ve heard just as anyone has, the saying that everyone is unique. That’s true to a degree, I suppose, as one is not going to meet another person exactly like them. Similar sure, but the same, not so much.

I actually see a great many people act similarly, and can almost be set into a class of their own. But just as I write this I realize that I’m doing exactly what I advised against doing in this article I wrote a few days ago. By that I mean that I have made stereotypes on people based on what they have done. The number one stereotype that comes to mind is seeing people being the opposite of anything special, doing everything that is accepted in society, following others around, and in general acting as if they want to live in a shadow. For those people I think that being unique is just a lower priority than social safety. How boring.

But I do agree that one can find distinguishing attributes in anyone, however concealed. It seems to me that it all goes down to if you’re distinguishing based on a personal connection, or on the view of a group (possibly stereotypical) of people that can be strung together through their actions. A socially safe person that I do not know is nearing on unbearably boring to me, whilst a socially safe person I happen to know better would be slightly on the edge of reasonable, as I would at least know something about them that could set them apart.

Back to the point: for a great many people, life seems more about what others think that what’s important to one’s self. A circus act if you will. What do you think?