Nathan Barinstein – An Incredible Channel of Inspiration

Hi everyone,

I have found the most incredible, inspiring channel on youtube, called Nathan Barinstein (you can click on the name in blue to check it out, or just look up “Nathan Barinstein on youtube). This is a super interesting and entertaining channel and all of the videos that have been uploaded to it are FASCINATING. To anyone who reads this blog, please go check it out, you won’t regret it.

This is a youtube channel for anyone interested in travel, in self-discovery, and beautiful cinematography.

Here are the links to some of the videos (click on the titles below):

What is Happiness?

Meeting a President

Flying In An Old American Plane 

I really do think they’re worth checking out, and you can subscribe to the channel to get notifications whenever a new video goes up.

You can thank me later!





Can you run,

Into the fire,

Match it’s intensity,

With your will and desire?


Can you find,

Your inner verve

The light that shines so brightly inside?

Every crazy twist and swerve?


It’s a scary thing to release,

To let go, to let sprout,

A firework can either explode with a bang,

Or spark and fizzle out,


But it’s in there, somewhere


For the moment you decide,

That you deserve more than to hide,


And when you come out and,

Show who you are,

You give yourself a chance,

To go quite far,





Friday Question: Conflicting Parts

It’s Friday, hooray!

For those that have been around for a while, you know the system – I ask a question of reasonable depth, and you, in turn, answer with your reply. I love hearing what you have to say, but I love even more when you discuss amongst yourselves. I want some debate, people!

So here’s the question: what do you do when parts of yourself are conflicting? Our lives

Torn logo

Torn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

are full of decisions, of choices that we have to make. Often times it’s one or the other. It’s this or that. You can’t do every career, specialize in every art form, every field of study. The world is just too big sometimes. Life can seem like a long hall-way full of doors and let’s face it, sometimes it’s difficult to pick one and follow through. You have to wonder what’s behind all those other doors you never took. But the next thing you know, the oppurtunity is gone.

What if you feel two things, perhaps two different religions resonate with you, or maybe your wants/desires cannot coexist with each other (I want to travel to two cities, but only have the money to go to one). What do you do then? What do you do when you feel split, when you’re internally torn?

I’ll be back tomorrow!


Friday Question: Who Comes First?


So it’s Friday again, and I’ve been pondering what to ask this week. I was torn on a couple of topics, but I finally touched upon something I think I’ve struggled with ever since I had the awareness to start thinking about this kind of thing (I would say about a year and a half ago).

Selfishness is something heavily frowned upon. Why always think about yourself when you could be helping others in need? Of course, although it’s promoted as a virtue for people, few actually live selfless lives. Sometimes, all there seems to be is self-interest and I’m thinking about the authority in particular when I say this (governments/politicians, corporations/bigwigs, even some religious authority– bishops, priests, etc.).

Love yourself.

Loving yourself… is that a show of self-interest? Is that kind okay? (Photo credit: ElenahNeshcuet)

Yes, I believe we live in a corrupt, selfish world. Thus, with that thought, my question is born: Who comes first, yourself or others? Is caring for yourself first selfish, and thus wrong to do? Is any measure of self-interest healthy or unhealthy? Should you put others needs before yours? What is the “right” thing to do when this situation comes up in your life (and it inevitably does)?

I’ve already got my answer, but I’m very curious as to what you guys all think. I’ll be back with my piece tomorrow. For now, though, what do you think?

Who comes first? Yourself, or others?