Friday Question: What is Authentic Art?

Hello everyone,

It’s Friday! Who doesn’t love a Friday? It’s a great day to ponder on meaningful questions, don’t you think? Well guess what, I have one.

I’m endlessly intrigued by how people view the world. I find it simply amazing that we can all have our own ideas and perspectives on the same thing. Who’s to say everyone’s perception of color, sense of hearing, or interpretation of smell is the same? Different people enjoy different genres of music, different styles of writing, different architecture. Our world is so diverse. The same goes for art.

Just like anything in history, art has progressed massively through the ages. The discoveries of man have always been reflected in the arts of every culture. We yearn to express ourselves.


Are those art pieces? (Photo credit: A.Currell)

I cannot say that I am drawn to, or connect with all forms of art. There are songs I hear or paintings I see or poems I read that I simply dislike. I may not connect with the message, or maybe it has the feel of being sloppily made. Perhaps you get the impression that it’s an ordinary piece of ‘artwork’ that in itself has no uniqueness, or any sort of deeper message. I have commonly heard disgust directed toward modern works of art, because they do not follow traditional rules. The price-tag in particular can sometimes be cause enough for outrage.

So here’s my question for you, my readers: What do you think is authentic artwork? What holds meaning, has a powerful message, or is a true work of expression, in your opinion? What is worthy or being called ‘art’?

I’m excited to hear what all of you have to say… happy Friday!


[The [un] [product] [ive] life]

Hello everyone, it’s Wednesday – poetry time!

First off, I’d like to say thank you to all that submitted their poetry. Not only were all of your pieces great, I recognize that it takes a degree of courage to give your work to someone to be judged. I really want to thank you for sharing, though, because some of those pieces were really quite inspiring and inspired me to try new things.

Also, if I did not choose your piece, please do not fret. There is still a chance that it will be picked on a future week.

Right, so for my first ever mid-week poetry piece, I am sharing this incredible poem written by Observing Vessel, about expression and confinements. The thing about this piece is that it really flows in an unusual way. For myself, I felt as though I was floating through the piece at a blissfuly, leisurely pace. Better yet, the words ring with a truth that can easily shift one’s perspective. So please, scroll down and read it.


There is an art to everything,

and everything can sell.

What was once an art, is now a science

and very little is left sacred.

Fear of the unknown is cause for defence;

this defence is a boundary.

We label the spaces between the boundaries,

neatly boxed up.

We crave a sense of value;


I am not sure.

We put value in the spaces;

then value the label.

What is it we are left with?

A neatly packaged product

to keep the fear at bay.

What we cannot see is unknown

and what is unknown still exists, whether or not we fear it.

There is a pill to suppress the fear;

money, the placebo.

And in return;

a neatly packaged product for you to entertain.

I’m tired of the boxes, for there are too many.

They clutter my life space leaving no room to breath

and even less space for growth.

My expression cannot live.

Once it has birthed it is immediately packaged up

in a box,

in a space

between boundaries,

with a label,

where I put my value,

but the label is valued more.

Very little is sacred;

left to be.

Why can’t it wander for what it is?

My expression is meant for living,

I want it a life.

Free to wander and be

not enclosed in a box;

in a space between boundaries,

with a label.

What kind of life is that?

I rather have my expression nameless and free

than sitting in a box,

in a space between boundaries.

I am becoming unproductive.

If you want more poetry from Observing Vessel, click here. Other writing by this author can be found here. It’s definitely worth at least a spare moment of yours.

Right, so that’s that for today. Tune in next week for more poetry. And if you have some poetry you want to share, here are the instructions. Thanks again, everybody, see you tomorrow!


Mid-Week Poetry – Share Your Works

Hello everyone, sorry to be so late,

I’ve been really thinking about what poetry is lately. It’s such a hugely diverse form of artistic literary expression. I’ve started noticing that I really have a style of my own, and that there are so many others ways of approaching and exploring poetry. So today I introduce a new feature for this blog: the mid-week poetry. I think it’s perfect because often what I need most after a long, hard Wednesday, is a really powerful, thoughtful poem.

basic emotions.apathy

Share what you feel, what you experience. (Photo credit: neonihil)

Here’s the thing – I want YOU the reader to have a chance to share your poetry. So every Wednesday, I will publish one of my own poems, and one that has been submitted by one of you. I now have the kind of traffic that would mean your piece would be read by several hundred viewers. Keep that in mind.

Here’s what you should submit if you’re interested:

1. Your piece, with a title. It could be one you published already on a blog of yours, for example. But it can also be one that you haven’t yet published. I have no preference, because I have no intention of stealing it. It would be nice to know, though, so that I may be able to give credit where it is due.

2. Your name, or a pen name of your choice. I totally understand wanting to stay anonymous, that’s why I use a pen name myself. Optionally, you may give any other information you would like to share.

3. A link to a website/blog of yours, if you have one.

Send it to this email:

Keep in mind that I truly value honesty, and I don’t like the idea of taking credit for someone else’s work. It’s wrong.

Right, so any form of poetry is fine, in fact I think the more creative and unusual, the better. That’s the reason why I’m doing this after all. Experiment and explore!

Good luck everyone, I’ll be back with my Friday Question tomorrow.


Block One Emotion, And The Rest Suffer

I talk about emotion a lot. It could be because I’m exploring what exactly it is. I think people as a whole are beginning to explore emotion more too. And the exploration of something like that, something as powerful as the feelings that we feel, is enormous. It’s massive. It’s scary, for sure, but that’s because it’s still hidden in uncharted waters that are just waiting to be charted.

Emotion plays a central role in our lives, whether we choose to express it or compress it. I realize that much of my inspiration derives from my feelings. It’s just a major part of being human, of feeling and seeing life.


It seems like sometimes nobody wants to hear you. They just want the pretty little, docile you. Well that’s not really you, and honestly, you shouldn’t listen to them. (Photo credit: nathangibbs)

As I’ve written about before, a lot of emotion is tabooed in modern society, because it isn’t safe and it certainly isn’t comfortable. How many of us are okay with open displays of grief or anger? Not many. But both anger and grief are a part of each and every one of us. When we deny that to ourselves, we deny ourselves from expression.

So as a result, we try to hide the feelings we don’t like within ourselves, and discourage displays of those feelings from others. If we can smile and laugh all the time, why ever not? Unfortunately, nobody can laugh and smile all the time. Not legitimately, at least.

The thing is, we don’t realize that all of our emotions are interconnected, and when one suffers, when one is plugged away rather than allowed the freedom to be released, the rest are affected. Somebody once told me that every part of the body is connected. It makes perfect sense, really – the muscles rely on the brain, the brain relies on the blood, the blood relies on the heart, etc. When you’re sick, the stability of your entire body is impacted. And I found it particularly interesting that oftentimes cancer for a certain part of the body ends up spreading to other parts and damages them as well. Being that I find so much interest in balances, it intrigues me that when even just one part of the system falls out of place, the rest are influenced negatively.


Emotion (Photo credit: Helen_Huynh)

It’s exactly the same way for emotion. You cannot express in one way if you suppress in another. Acceptance comes into play here – can you accept your feelings, even the uncomfortable/painful/difficult ones? If you can, the equilibrium is allowed a chance to survive. If you can’t, the equilibrium cannot be. It’s that simple.

And as I’ve said before, emotion can be everything sometimes. It’s what makes life so sweet, so exciting, so unpredictable. For the most part, it’s of our control. Emotion to me is a teacher on how to live moving with the flow rather than against it.

All emotion is equal, important, and felt for a reason. Emotion has it’s time and place, certainly, but it should never be pushed too far aside, because when even one emotion is suppressed, all of the rest suffer.