We Are Slaves To Desire

At first it’s quiet,

Just a soft moan,

You tell yourself it’s nothing,

You can command your own thrown,


The quiet slowly changes,

As the peeps create a din,

The gate creaks and wobbles,

The itch enters your skin,


A cloud appears in the horizon,

You can see it from the tower you’re in,

It’s still small, it’s still far,

There is no doubt that you will win,


The cloud stretches, it expands,

With every moment, it darkens in the sky,

The shadow loom longer and longer,

And suddenly you cannot fly,


Your castle starts to crumple,

The storm above weighs you down,

But by now it’s far too late,

Your resolve begins to drown,


You’re helpless, you’re weak,

Out goes your fire,

Your empire is in ruins,

You lost to your own desire,