Nathan Barinstein – An Incredible Channel of Inspiration

Hi everyone,

I have found the most incredible, inspiring channel on youtube, called Nathan Barinstein (you can click on the name in blue to check it out, or just look up “Nathan Barinstein on youtube). This is a super interesting and entertaining channel and all of the videos that have been uploaded to it are FASCINATING. To anyone who reads this blog, please go check it out, you won’t regret it.

This is a youtube channel for anyone interested in travel, in self-discovery, and beautiful cinematography.

Here are the links to some of the videos (click on the titles below):

What is Happiness?

Meeting a President

Flying In An Old American Plane 

I really do think they’re worth checking out, and you can subscribe to the channel to get notifications whenever a new video goes up.

You can thank me later!



Are You Living A Life Worth Living?

Hello again,

So a subject that I think about quite a bit in my life is how I’m living my life. I naturally evaluate and compare. That’s the kind of person that I am – I measure things. It’s not a good habit, life isn’t about measuring, but it’s something I, and many other undoubtedly do.

Why do we do that? I do it because I want to live a life that I won’t regret. I don’t want to waste my time. So I measure everything in the hope that it’ll all add up and make my time here on Earth seem worth it. I let my natural tendencies kick in, in response to my insecurities.

There are very few people out there in the world not afraid of death like the rest of us. The thing that strikes me about these people is how their passions and souls shine through everything else. They’re following their calling, they’re doing the things they want to do, creating the things they want to create. They don’t live their lives from heady places – there’s not measuring or counting or calculating if life is being well spent. They’re living their lives from their soul – they’re living life without regret, and doing what feeds them spiritually. They’re living presently in time, nowhere in the past or the future. In the moment.

These are the people letting go of fear and are ready for death when it comes for them.

Olympic Medals

All that really matters in the end: is it worth it to you? (Photo credit: Daniel Coomber)

We all have our different approaches to living, but I believe that those out there that aren’t afraid anymore, or losing their fear everyday, send a very inspirational message. You can’t measure life in any way. The number of medals you’ve won from various tournaments (even the Olympics) don’t count for anything if winning like that doesn’t fill you with content, or fuels your passion. What matters is that feeling at the end of the day of inner accomplishment and contentment at your growth as a person. If it’s for your ego, it’s not for your soul. And it’s the soul that makes it all count.

It’s a decision that each and every one of us has to make – am I going to do what want? Do I want to live a life that I will never, ever regret, and base my living on my passions and my callings? You’re the only one that lives your life, now make it worth living.


It’s a Simple Thing to Appreciate

Hello, hope your week has begun well,

I’ve written before about how learning how to truly appreciate the things that one has and the sees around them, changes the way they will view the world. It’s hard to make that shift, because it requires lots of patience and acceptance. I’m still struggling plenty with it myself. The reward, though, is more than worth it, and that’s why I’m re-looking at the things in my life in new ways.

I’ve naturally take things for granted. All but forget about them. In this fashion, I’ll lose many of these things before I truly appreciate them, and I don’t want to live that way.

Today I look at a major part of my life, a part that I forget I may lose at any moment. A part that I don’t believe I properly appreciate.

That thing, is owning a dog.

It’s difficult to explain exactly how owning and caring for an animal affects you. Particularly Man’s Best Friend. I suppose that it has to do, in part, with the fact that everyone has a different perspective and experience to take away. It’s such a complicated bond, yet so simple, if you look at the core of it.

I believe that it impacts a part of us as human beings that words can’t do any justice describing. You forge a relationship with a creature that knows no conceit, no lying, no backstabbing or greed. Dogs live simple, honest lives. That’s why it’s so easy to create a relationship, a bond of respect, love and most of all trust.

Humans, are after all, a social race, and we crave interactions with others. Even more so, we crave worthy connections of love and friendship. That fact goes down to the core of our being, of who we are, and it’s not just a want, it’s a need. We need such things to survive, to thrive, and these phenomenal creatures are sometimes exactly what we need.

They are our companions. They support us with their company and comfort. I know that when I’m distressed, my own dog, Peanut, will come over and playfully try to raise my spirits. It’s something they instinctually do – I believe that they feel empathy and compassion for others.

So with their joyful existence and happy energy, along with their large hearts, I often can’t help but enjoy their presence, their being there. They naturally carry an air of positivity.

Possibly the most amazing part of that species of animal as a whole (as I see it), is their incredibly strong integrity. They live honestly in almost every sense of the word. They know when they’ve done something wrong. Maybe it’s me personifying them too much, but they don’t ever seem to have malicious intent.

How can one not spot the love in those eyes? I feel blessed to know her.

That’s why I chose to write about this today. The more I watch my own, or any dog for that matter, what they are/what they do, the more I realize how inspiring they are to me. They’re full of plenty of things we as humans have plenty to learn about. They represent so much to me because I get so lost within the intricacies of my own complications that I forget how important these attributes are. Their simplicity exemplifies what simple living can be. And how much more I still have to learn about the “simple” things I thought I had moved past.

So for today, and this week, the remainder of this month, and for the rest of my existence, I want to pay more attention, give more gratitude to this extremely important and positive part of my life. I think dogs are great examples of virtues that we must not forget.

Plus, they’re a part of our lives, and deserve our love and attention. They need it, and it’s the least we can give back.


A Magical Place



What is it about the beach that enchants us, me? It’s a magical place, with the kind of majesty that draws people of every kind.

It’s a place of imagination and creativity, where the mind can run wild. I look to the horizon and see the end of the world, the edge of existence. Beyond that, nothing I can even begin to comprehend. A place I will one day explore.

I like to think of the waves as Earth’s heart beat. They throb and pulse with metronomic life. The sheer amount of water demonstrates the power of beauty. It reminds me of how tiny I am. Of how beautiful I may one day be.

The sound of crashing water on sand is sweet in my ears, always welcome. It can fill one with the thrumming energy of a five-year old, or sooth to a deep, restful sleep.

The sands are like the shiftings and movings of our universe. Ever sliding, ever gliding into new shapes and forms under my feet, accommodating for my existence, respecting my space. Yet letting me know that it’s all there. Beneath me, beside me, all around me.

These two worlds bridge at the water line, damp sand and cool water kissing me feet. I feel loved.


Intuition – A Gift From The Universe

Hello, hope you’re having a restful Sunday.

So it’s right down to what I want to write about today: intuition. It’s a concept, a part of life that lately I’ve been bumping into more often. Like a little kid impatiently tugging on my arm, asking for attention, and I’m not exactly sure what the kid wants.

“What is intuition?” Is a reasonable starting point in my opinion. To me, it’s a feeling that one gets about something when there is no logical explanation for that thing. No form of reason is used to come to any conclusion. And true intuition, I believe, is never wrong. Which leads me to believe that there is a reason for why intuition exists. Even more intriguing is why we can tap into such a peculiar tool. If you know me, you know that I’m looking for a reason why.

I believe in spiritual connections, bonds that we create with others. We are but a tiny piece of the bigger picture, but at the same time, we are the bigger picture. The world is a reflection of who we are. In that relationship we have with the universe is born intuition.

When one is connected to the world they live in, they are in a place of balance, a place of clarity, a place of quality existing. There is a bond made with the world in which feeling is the primary sense, above all. One may feel when something is off, not right, or when something is going well, should be trusted.

The sad thing about this, though, is that the world is moving away from trusting intuition, possibly one of our greatest tools. We are losing our connection with life, creating a more isolated, broken up society. We live behind our computers, trapped in our houses, stuck in the office, alone in our own skin. I wrote about the importance of being independent moving forward in life. We cannot hide behind others.

I also know, though, that we are a social race and immersing ourselves within the happenings of our world is absolutely crucial. We need to connect, to interact, to feel. With nature, or with others. It’s a part of who we are.

All that we need to do is rediscover our connectedness with the world. Go on walks to the


Trust (Photo credit: m-c)

park, see people face-to-face more often. Whatever it is that works for you. Because it’s these little baby steps that turn around our lives in such a profound way. Intuition is a tool the universe gifted us to move forward and learn about the importance of slowing down and taking time to do things thoughtfully. Life isn’t a race.

We can use our gut feeling to become better people. Stop falling into the same traps over and over. Learning to trust ourselves in what we do. Learning to trust others in what they do. Trusting in general.


Happy Father’s Day

Father & Son

Father & Son (Photo credit: jeroenadema)

My hope is that you’re having a good day!

Many of the fathers of this world have been and are great people. I hope you all have incredible fathers that make you feel empowered (I sure do).

It’s interesting how the “father figure” in a family has change over the course of the last few generations alone. Even just 100 years ago, fathers were almost exclusively the “tough love” kind of parent, where an open display of affection was basically not allowed. The interesting thing, though, is that fathers have changed due to both circumstances such as World War II, and a desire to be different than their parents, perhaps because they didn’t like how they were treated.

I know that that there is a major difference between my parents and my grandparents. Not only are the methods of teaching very different, but also my father is a very emotional person, open to sharing feelings. That may still make some people uncomfortable, nowadays, but it has made our relationship far enriched with trust and mutual respect.

Why is this change happening? Well times are changing, and a lot of the old ways of thinking have to be thrown out, because they’re not working anymore. We’re always evolving, and now at such a pace, what with technology and other advancements, that we have to change our very thinking, because stuff is getting looked at in different ways now. Art, Civil Rights, and communication, are just a few.

The history of Father’s Day in itself is very interesting. In 1909, a little over 100 years ago (a date matching my earlier reference quite nicely), a woman called Sonora Smart Dodd decided that Father’s should have a day of honor to themselves. She came up with this idea during a Mother’s Day sermon she was listening to, actually, and wanted to celebrate her father for single-handedly raising the her and her siblings after her mother died. Apparently she had a great father, so good for her (I make the reference because back then and even sometimes now, men have treated woman unfairly, and it was acceptable to beat your children, particularly the daughter, often for no apparent reason).

So she decided to hold the first Father’s Day ever on June 19th, 1910, on her father’s birthday. And get this: instead of appreciating the gesture, the day was received with mockery by father’s around the country. Mockery. That’s how it was taken, and in stark contrast to Mother’s Day. It took the next decade and immense effort from Dodd to get the national Holiday going.

father son

Father-Son (Photo credit: alandberning)

So much has changed since then. The Holiday is huge to say the least. Have father’s gotten better? I suppose that depends on how you define “better”. Either way, I personally believe that the father in the family has become more involved, and that to me is a huge improvement. I don’t know who I’d be without the guidance and love of my father.

So I wish you the best father’s day, both to you fathers and those of you with great fathers. It’s a time to acknowledge what they’ve done. Share this with someone if you have an amazing father!


P.S. Just as a heads up, tomorrow’s topic is a little bit darker, so be ready. I was planning on writing it today, but I didn’t want to spoil the mood of Father’s Day. 🙂

Is It Really So Bad To Be Selfish?

Hello again,

So where did I leave off yesterday? Well, I think there are so many ways I can build off of what I said. I can connect my yesterday post, of the principle of ‘breaking rules‘ to so many things.

I decided, though, that I’m going to lead off my last point–that no matter what one does, their actions will be breaking the rules/laws of someone else/something else (remember, moral and personal laws can go anything from driving at a certain speed to saying or doing the ‘right’ things, according to others).

The thing is, you’ll just drive yourself crazy and straight into unhappiness if you let everyone else’s rules govern your life. Of course, there is a respect aspect to following another’s wishes, but if this goes too far, you no longer are in control of living your own life; you’re letting someone else decide for you.

You hear this kind of thing on the radio or in books all the time – stay true to yourself, be your own person, or stand up for yourself. I think that we all have decided that doing that is great and all, but when it really comes down to it, the act of ‘staying true to one’s self’ is accepted far less. For example, it can be a real inconvenience for authority to deal with the people that experiment and try new things–breaking away from the old and accepted.

Another common misconception with ‘staying true to one’s self’ is that it’s considered selfish. It really is. “You’re selfish–you only think about yourself”, or, “you don’t care about others”.  Many times in my life, those words have been spoken to me. It’s because I have learned to stand for what’s right for me, despite what other’s think. My own personal laws and rules, the maxims that I live by. I’ve realized that by doing this, I am so much happier, because I’m not sacrificing myself for the benefit of others. I respect those that have–Gandhi and Mother Teresa are the first one’s to come to mind–but I think that they had a different purpose and direction in their lives, and I simply am not in the same place. I make different kinds of sacrifices.

Because one doesn’t want to give themselves away all the time, they are often accused as being selfish. What seems ironic to me is that everyone has a selfish side, even those that accuse others of selfishness. It’s not harmful to care for yourself, but harm is caused when one imposes themselves on another. Simply put:

Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.  ~Oscar Wilde

English: Oscar Wilde, photographic print on ca...

Oscar Wilde

This is an extremely powerful quote. It wraps up everything I’m trying to say in a mere sentence. By this definition, the selfish person is not the person that takes care of themselves, but the one ‘asking’ or, better, imposing themselves into another’s life–and it’s true.

You see, I believe that we came into this world to live our own lives, not others’. It should be our own set of personal rules, laws and morals that govern us first, then, with a grain of salt, all other laws and rules, for is it a delicate balance between staying true to one’s own truths, and following the laws that everyone must follow, even the one’s that are disliked or inconvenient.

The thing that many may misunderstand is that because I have spoken up, I am an awful person. Instead, I see myself as a better person. I have ended damaging relationships, gotten away from pathways in my life that I don’t want to follow, and become a happier, stronger and kinder person. I’m not evil because I had to do stuff that was hard, instead I feel cleaner.

All right, that’s it from me today, if you want more of this kind of talk, check out The Moral Issue and The Moral Issue, Part 2. Thanks again everyone, and please do share with others, as I am putting a lot of effort into this writing. See you tomorrow!