Life Is An Impossibly Big Mountain

Hello Everyone,

I’m here posting today as a mark of the fact that I am not permanently gone. I have not given up on this blog!

I recently edited one of my old poems because I felt it could be greatly improved, and it was something I experimented with giving a new meaning. By that I mean that I wanted to take a new twist with the words I had already written out. Hope you enjoy!

Life is like an impossibly big mountain

Intimidating in stature, blocking my path

Path to what? I don’t really know

I thought I had it all figured out


I’ve tried to climb it

Like everyone does, like everyone can

But I fall every time, every time I try

I don’t even feel like I have a choice, like I get a say

So I try again,

Only to fall once more


Sometimes, it feels like I’m finally getting somewhere

Somewhere far way

Somewhere better than this place

Better than anything I’ve got right now

And then I’ll look down and freeze with fear

Seconds later I’m tumbling through the air


I know my struggle is futile

But it’s strange,

Because I can’t help but hope

That something will change


And so I climb this mountain

Starting from the floor

Only to climb again,

Only to fall once more



Stop Hiding, Show Yourself

Why do we hide? Why do we run and flee? Is the weight of the world too much for us to face?

From our entrance, to our exit, many find every escape from pain. Who can live the easiest life? It is a sad motivator for the uninspired.

We hide behind our mother’s legs, clinging for that comfort. The safeness keeps us in our place. Is it a blessing? A curse?

The leg will eventually leave, but the desire, the need for the safety never naturally departs. Constricting opportunities, falsely promising happiness.

Stay in your place, don’t step into the unknown.

Where does that take you, where do you go? Nowhere. Not through the countryside, through the undulating hills. No walks in the park, or hikes up steep mountains. You’ll never see the beach, the water, the waves. Not a single morning, afternoon, evening. Never witnessing a star. Just your little bubble, right where you currently are. Going nowhere, as long as that leg stands in your way.

Let go of the leg. Move beyond it’s safety. Do not forget it – carry it in your mind. But grow beyond it’s protection. It’s a blessing, you’re the one that can make it a curse.

When we drop our self-imposed obstacles, our potential is endless. Stop hiding, show yourself.


All Pain Is Temporary


I’m back again! Even though it’s only been two days since I’ve done a full-on posting, it feels like it’s been an eternity. It feels great to have the time to sit down and focus on writing again.

What do I have to say for today? It’s a pretty normal and calm day. Slow. Fairly painless. And this is all piques my interest and attention, because the lack of excitement truly capitalized a point for me that is very noteworthy about life as a whole.

Pain is temporary. It does not last, it cannot stay forever. It comes and it goes many times, over the course of our physical existence.

English: Cucumber, celery & apple juice

Hey, who said they are all bad? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pain will find us all. I use the word “pain” to describe anything uncomfortable or preferably avoidable, along with the traditional definition of the word. From drinking the unpleasant vegetable juice, to severe depression, pain comes to us in different forms (note that for the former example, the pain I’m speaking of is the struggle to avoid the juice, as the drink itself will not inflict pain. This exemplifies the fact that many forms of pain are self-inflicted.).

It’s part of a cycle that creates our lives. The Pain-Pleasure cycle, as I like to call it. Neither end of the spectrum lasts forever, and neither pain, nor pleasure, can exist without the other. This is what keeps us on the material level, and moving beyond this cycle results in a

English: Paintings of Buddha meditating

Pain didn’t stop the Buddha. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

transition to the next level of existing. “Rising above”, as many would put it. Buddha is a great example, in his journey for Enlightenment through extreme austerity and other means. He did not allow pain to stop him, and thus moved forward in his growth.

When I say these things, I do not mean that pleasure must be left behind. I mean that material pleasure should eventually be seen for what it is, and thus be left behind. I don’t believe that the word ‘pleasure’ should be used in reference to something felt through physical means, as true pleasure does not depend on physical things, it is found within.

At the same time, we live on Earth, a place of material things. We’re all human, and indulging in such things is a part of living on Earth. I, and everyone else, indulge in physical things, and that should be an accepted fact of life, as many of us (me) are not yet ready to give up such things. It is when one loses themselves amongst the material wonders our world has, that material “pleasure” goes to far. Although it may seem like a paradox, unhappiness will ensue.

When one dies, it is believed that all worldly pains are left behind. By my logic, so do all worldly pleasures. It is said, though, that there is a distinct feeling of bliss that is unlike anything found on Earth. This is pleasure from within, found only from yourself and God (whatever you definition of the word is), which I believe is a part of who you are. Read this for more on that.

This also leads me to dis-believe in the orthodox Hell. Yes, I believe there are hells – places of pain and suffering. Some of these we create for ourselves. But I do not believe that they last forever, by any means. We’re all equal, and we all make mistakes, but no fault should be punished by eternal suffering.

Where am I going with this, you ask? I suppose these words are meant to be comforting and hopefully guiding. Comfort, because no matter what pain you’re in, you will move past it eventually, as it cannot plague you forever. And guidance, as this is yet another reminder of mine to remember to find and focus on the important things in life worth discovering – it’s different for everyone. I believe we will all move beyond this cycle eventually and keep on exploring the things that grow us as people.

In the meantime, let pain be your teacher on where to go and what to do. Don’t always shy away from discomfort. And remember that all pain is temporary.


Ignorance Is Bliss?

Hello to you,

So where do I begin? I know.

Anger has taken me to quite a few places. It’s a blunt thing to say, but I really mean it. When I’m angry, I’m often more motivated (often times for the wrong reasons) and I make things happen. A few months ago, this happened to me. I was really angry, and it seriously got me thinking about a saying we have in our society.

“Ignorance is bliss”.

Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don't...

Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don’t know because we don’t want to know. (Photo credit: joanna.ppok)

Sure, I get the principle. Not knowing about some of the awful things in life can be a blessing in some ways, but it only lasts for so long. And after really thinking about that, I realize how close-minded it is to say something like that. Because that ignorance is not going to last forever, no matter how many of us try.

When talking about instances that remind me of “Ignorance is bliss”, I think about people that float through life in the easiest possible way, avoiding all pain and other challenges in life. No curiosity or desire to learn or bring one’s self to a higher level of consciousness. That’s the ignorance. The bliss comes from not knowing anything painful and staying in a place that’s simplistic and stagnant. Only a “safe” amount of exploration, imagination, discovery. Is that really what bliss is?

Here’s the definition of ‘bliss’:

1. Perfect happiness; great joy.

2. Something providing such happiness.

3. Supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I think of ignorance, I do not think of any of these definitions, particularly utter joy or contentment. Allow me to explain.

Despite being ignorant, there are still things we will find to be unhappy about. I did, I have, and I will. And i’m not alone on that. It’s because we don’t live in a world where every little problem is fixed for you without an ounce of your effort. Even that thought is a bit frightening, because in a world like that, I wouldn’t learn a thing.

Here’s the interesting thing though, and I’ll try my best to explain how I see it. I look back to younger times in my life, and I see many of my ignorances. It’s easy to do that as a human being, but I in particular spend much of my time in retrospection and trying to learn from my many mistakes.

Then I look forward, and I realize that I have so, so much to learn before I reach any kind of Enlightenment or Nirvana. I don’t believe I will find entirety of either of these things in this lifetime. I still have too much ignorance to overcome/move beyond.

Yes, ignorance. We’ve all got some whether we like it or not. More than we would like to admit. So I admit I have that I still have much ignorance. But I also realize that I am still very far from that place of bliss. Here’s the thing though: I’m getting closer. Through my exploration of life and the often-painful discoveries I’m making about emotion and what it’s like to be human, I feel like I am slowly but surely moving closer to a place of real happiness. It may not be a definite location or place, but it’s out there, I know for sure, as I feel it within myself, ever so slowly becoming a part of who I am. I’m feeling happier, as I feel like I’m living an honest life.

Now of course there are things that I wish I never learned of, found out about, experienced. These things are scary and hard to take at times. But to move to the next level of “bliss” (utter joy and contentment), I have to accept these things. Even though some of these things I will never be able to stop in my life. It’s unrealistic to think that I can stop all of prejudice and racism, all the abuse people have to go through, all the things that I dislike (but I can try to make a positive impact…).

I think it’s all about acceptance and understanding. Coming face to face with these things and demystifying them. Facing the fear and the feeling the pain will move me beyond these things and thus become just a little less ignorant. It’s not even really ‘moving beyond’ these things, but rather understand them more and opening myself up to more in the world. And only once all the ignorance becoming understanding will we arrive at a place of bliss, a place of utter joy and contentment.

Do you believe ignorance is bliss?


The Delicacy of Suicide

Welcome to a brand new week,

I had the most interesting and refreshing conversation with a perfect stranger two days ago. The best thing about it was that I was not expecting it at all, and once I found myself caught up in the conversation, I was completely wrapped up in it and thoroughly enjoying it. I can’t express enough how much I love random conversations and interactions with people. They can have such an impact in my life. They do have had such an impact in my life.

Well that happened, and what we spoke about got me thinking enough to blog about it today.

It’s interesting when you encounter something in your life and others around you are encountering the same things. Firstly it shows you how similar our lives are, and how we all have to face the same things at some point or another. But even more meaningful to me, it shows you that we attract certain things in our lives and it really is a “small world”. I’ve certainly found people with similar interests and that have entered my life to be due to my own actions and motives sending out a sort of message to the world of what it is that I want.

So before I know it, I find myself discussing the complications of suicide. It feels as if it’s out of nowhere, but is it? Or was I meant to have the discussion that would soon open my eyes on the matter – just from talking about it?

The reason why I say it’s a small world is because I knew a girl who committed suicide just recently. In fact, I used to school with her. And even though I didn’t have a ton of contact, I knew her. I was a part of her life. She committed suicide when she was 15 years old.

Suicide is so misunderstood. Firstly, it’s such a dark topic. And it makes people uncomfortable. It doesn’t fit in to the image of happiness and prosperity. But it exists, and I think we need to be more open about it as people. At times it’s unavoidable too, what with the statistics being as scary as they are. I kept reading that there was something like 1 million suicides per year, and even scarier is that many of those are teenagers.

The hardest part about this whole subject is that there are so many components that are not truly looked at, and there really isn’t a “right” answer, because as I said in this post, there is always more than one side to the story, and more than one perspective that must be seen.

I always like to think of the pain that the person is going through and remember that, because that is, to me, the most important part of the situation. It’s the pain that can drive someone to do such things to find an escape. And for all of us that don’t have any experience to relate to their situation, how can we truly understand? We can’t.

Stone marking the place where Toyotomi Hideyor...

Where has society brought us? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is the saying that suicide is a “permanent solution to a temporary problem”. That may well be true – there’s no turning back (even if you believe in reincarnation, you won’t get the same life back). But again, who’s to know if the problem will ever go away? A father that beats their child, or perhaps social confinements brought by a magnified version of peer pressure can have a terribly damaging impact. I’m not in those situations, so do I have the right to judge them?

Another thought I had on the matter: would forcibly stopping a suicide be helpful or bring about more pain to the person? Pain is part of life, and is often our greatest teacher. But what if it’s too much for them to handle? And I’m a firm believer in therapy and the like to prevent such events, but sometimes things are inevitable… what then?

Another thing that comes to mind – motive. Is stopping a suicide to save the person’s life, or to clear the conscience of those closest around them? Has it become a selfish thing? I know that my life would be completely shattered in front of me if a close family member that I loved committed suicide, and so I would try to stop it. So does that mean things are done to try to protect the welfare of many over the welfare of one single person? Is that why committing suicide is illegal, named a sin, and heavily frowned upon?

The point of me saying all of this is not to try to convince any of you readers on what to do in this kind of situation. I’m just trying to open eyes, because suicide will come into our lives in some way at sometime, through friends or family, coworkers or colleagues, or just some acquaintance you know. There is so much that can be learned from these situations. Why do they happen, what can we do, why does this happen in life? We learn what it’s like to mourn, to grieve for a lost one, but do we learn what was the right thing to do?

Do you take action and get involved, or do let nature do its thing?