Perfection is Imperfection


I’m back, and very much rejuvenated. I’m actually working on a piece about why I felt so imbalanced, and if you know anything about me from reading this blog, you know that I’ll find some sort of deeper meaning to the situation. And I have.

So for today, I was thinking about how the universe as a a whole has so delicately set up every human beings‘ life (and every other life in existence for that matter). It really is just a hugely intricate, multi-dimensional web of interconnectedness. Although at the moment, I’m not trying to talk about how connected we all are, but rather how brilliantly placed we are within that web to face things that make up who we are. That’s quite a statement, so allow me to explain:

A brick wall

The simplest form of an obstacle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A very common phrase that I hear people talking about things in their lives say is, “unnecessary inconveniences” or, “avoidable obstacles”. These things are said as if events could have happened in a better way if these “inconveniences” had been avoided. This is a comment I’m sure I’ve said many times, but through reflection, I realize that that is a very close-minded way to look at things.

The point in me saying that is to show two things. One, it reveals how easily we become negative about things that do not fit our fantasy of how things should happen, which is very much like the ego being a false image of one’s self. When something doesn’t go our way, no matter what, it’s a bad thing, until one opens their mind for flexibility. This could be dated back to the days when if anything would go wrong, one’s survival truly was at stake. If you accidentally put mayonnaise in your sandwich, I doubt anything serious like survival is at stake (unless you’re mortally allergic, but then why do you have mayonnaise?).

Duke's Mayonnaise . I cheated a bit to get thi...

You won’t die from this (probably) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But more importantly, it shows how little acceptance and open-mindedness we have for many things in life. That negativity gives obstacles a bad connotation, when in fact it’s those obstacles that make us grow as people. If everything in one’s life worked out perfectly, they wouldn’t learn a thing – no adaptation would be needed or called upon. And that most likely won’t ever happen in our lifetime.

Who’s to know that that obstacle gave one the valuable life skill they would need to be more successful or take in a richer experience from what going on around them. Who’s to say that the obstacle didn’t just save one’s life. Have you ever been late leaving for a meeting or appointment, and as you’re cruising on the free-way, you see a very recent car crash? Could that have been you?

But that kind of open-mindedness goes deeper. If one spends their life pointing out/focusing on the flaws of everything happening around them, (obstacles, as in flaws blocking the perfection of one’s life, and imperfections of any kind anywhere else) their attention is taken away from the beauty of that thing, and thus taking away from their quality of living.

Now of course no one can stay positive all the time. I sure have plenty of room to work on that. Although it is sometimes impossible to appreciate the things around you, it is something that can be improved upon by almost anyone. And I’ve learned that by taking time on the things that I do, that sort of snappy negativity that leaves me fixating on what I think are things bringing me down doesn’t come out as often.

It is that acceptance of things that I keep coming back to, because I think that that is one of the keys to finding inner-peace within one’s self. And to be able to love life how it is and not be a control freak that ends up only hurting themselves. That acceptance will free the soul, and find that perfection. Without that acceptance, one could spot weaknesses in anything.

Perfection is imperfection. It’s up to you to find it.



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