A Magical Place



What is it about the beach that enchants us, me? It’s a magical place, with the kind of majesty that draws people of every kind.

It’s a place of imagination and creativity, where the mind can run wild. I look to the horizon and see the end of the world, the edge of existence. Beyond that, nothing I can even begin to comprehend. A place I will one day explore.

I like to think of the waves as Earth’s heart beat. They throb and pulse with metronomic life. The sheer amount of water demonstrates the power of beauty. It reminds me of how tiny I am. Of how beautiful I may one day be.

The sound of crashing water on sand is sweet in my ears, always welcome. It can fill one with the thrumming energy of a five-year old, or sooth to a deep, restful sleep.

The sands are like the shiftings and movings of our universe. Ever sliding, ever gliding into new shapes and forms under my feet, accommodating for my existence, respecting my space. Yet letting me know that it’s all there. Beneath me, beside me, all around me.

These two worlds bridge at the water line, damp sand and cool water kissing me feet. I feel loved.



The Famous Stanley Park



A gigantic, nature filled, park. There really isn’t a better way to describe it. A great way to spend four hours… having conversations with Brits and watching Cricket.




Art. It’s everywhere around us. Because I’m playing the wide-eyed traveler, I’m seeing more of it, but truly no matter where one goes, humankind has brought some sort of creativity. And it doesn’t have to be man-made. There is beauty all around us, we just have to spot it.

More Food


These last few days, I’ve entered a savory heaven. Today in particular, we ran into a delicious Indian restaurant called Sutra. You’re looking at some of the best naan bread, butter chicken, rice, creamed spinach, and garbanzo beans. Quite a way to end the day.