Nathan Barinstein – An Incredible Channel of Inspiration

Hi everyone,

I have found the most incredible, inspiring channel on youtube, called Nathan Barinstein (you can click on the name in blue to check it out, or just look up “Nathan Barinstein on youtube). This is a super interesting and entertaining channel and all of the videos that have been uploaded to it are FASCINATING. To anyone who reads this blog, please go check it out, you won’t regret it.

This is a youtube channel for anyone interested in travel, in self-discovery, and beautiful cinematography.

Here are the links to some of the videos (click on the titles below):

What is Happiness?

Meeting a President

Flying In An Old American Plane 

I really do think they’re worth checking out, and you can subscribe to the channel to get notifications whenever a new video goes up.

You can thank me later!





Can you run,

Into the fire,

Match it’s intensity,

With your will and desire?


Can you find,

Your inner verve

The light that shines so brightly inside?

Every crazy twist and swerve?


It’s a scary thing to release,

To let go, to let sprout,

A firework can either explode with a bang,

Or spark and fizzle out,


But it’s in there, somewhere


For the moment you decide,

That you deserve more than to hide,


And when you come out and,

Show who you are,

You give yourself a chance,

To go quite far,





You Know Your Way Home

Hello everyone,

It’s Sunday, will another week soon to commence. My thinkings are directed towards the value of “finding your life”. That’s my way of saying how momentous it is to know who you are. If you know yourself, your life will have so much more direction.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to find your footing in life and lead it the way you want to. It’s your life after all, and despite all the pressure society places on focusing on others, you’re the most important person to yourself, and you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

I read a book recently that is perhaps the perfect example of this. When you don’t know where you are, and you’re doing things you don’t want to/don’t understand, life can be a confusing and hard place. Like I always say, you have to be brave and honest, and look within to see what you’re doing that’s not working. Step into the unknown, explore what hurts and what’s holding you back.

You Know Your Way Home by Suzanne Jauchius (photo credit:

You Know Your Way Home by Suzanne Jauchius (photo credit:

You Know Your Way Home, by Suzanne Jauchius is a book that retells the true story of a psychic woman (Jauchius herself) that is lost and unhappy. Over the course of her fascinating life, though, she discovers what really matters to her, and she sheds the things in her life that are holding her back – including five husbands.

The thing about this book that hits the chord within me is how Jauchius describes and faces her issues about being alone and misunderstood. I’m not alone in saying that I sometimes feel the same way. Being psychic, Suzanne often struggled with a lack of acceptance for who she was. Her journey is incredible from start to finish.

Not only is the story itself absolutely enthralling, but the entire book is written with inspiration. Suzanne displays immense courage in reiterating painful and private moments in her life. The struggles that she faced, we all eventually have to face. Challenges and obstacles can be overcome if don’t let fear stop you.

I highly recommend the read! You can look into it a bit more here:


Just a Normal Day + The Weirdness of Holidays


Well, tomorrow is 4th of July… believe me, I have my thoughts on that subject, so tune in

July 4th Fireworks

July 4th Fireworks (Photo credit: Sri Dhanush)

tomorrow. That means, though, that today is the 3rd of July, an utterly normal day in terms of days of the year for Americans/people of the world. There are obscure “holidays” for every day of the year, but really no one knows about them so it doesn’t matter. Sorry people celebrating Compliment Your Mirror/Disobedience/Stay Out of the Sun day, but that’s how it goes in modern society.

So I wonder how the ones we all know became so famous. Who made them? And most importantly to me is why they became so famous (due to impact or enforcement, etc.).

Christmas : its origin, celebration and signif...

Christmas : its origin, celebration and significance as related in prose and verse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Firstly, we must discount the one’s that are valid (in my opinion) today. That’s Thanksgiving,  and any other holiday reinforcing sharing and gratefulness. Also, Easter and Christmas have well known Christian roots. Previously, I explained how Father’s Day came to be. Mother’s Day was enforced by Christianity in different places. In the United States, Julia Ward Howe is credited with the idea, and Anna Jarvis credited for making it what it is today. Quite a big impact they’ve made, considering how widely celebrated they are today. Was it their purpose in life as people to start up a holiday like that?

Then there are other holiday’s that do not make sense to me. Halloween? It’s one of those holidays with a weird beginning, but it’s all the weirder because it’s still celebrated, just for a completely different reason. Halloween is believed to have started as an ancient Celtic festival full of superstition, and warding off of evil spirits. It was called Samhain. Now? It’s been commercially transformed into a way of giving sickening amounts of sugar to tiny (and not so tiny) children. I won’t even bother to make/understand the connection between the two. (side not – I used to love halloween as a kid, my observations are just to prove a point.)

Another weird day for me is New Years. Believe me, I love taking chances like these to reflect, appreciate and similarly converse about such things. But the thing that trips me up is that we as an entire race, have decided to celebrate an otherwise random moment in time. Every year, we celebrate one day, one minute, of every every year as the start of “something new”. How come, out of the entire year, one day out of 365, one minute out of 525 948.766, is celebrated as a fresh beginning? January has an astronomical amount of suicides, and it’s probably for that very reason – no new fresh beginning for a whole year. Why don’t we just think of every day a new beginning? There are always “beginnings” and “endings” in everything if you think of time linearly, so I don’t see why we need to limit our sight so severely. By that I mean to only think about one “beginning” when we’re surrounded by them (I also don’t believe in endings in the traditional sense, and that always helps).

I enjoy holidays, believe. If nothing else, they can be great days off (sometimes) and a cause for celebration. But the reasons for these celebrations don’t always make sense to me, particularly if say, Christmas is always miserable due to stuffy family relations.

The point on me saying these things is to open the eyes and mind of those that celebrate things without a second thought, because holidays and the like have so much more impact if one understands the history and meaning. We really have to pick the ones that affect us, and make up for the ones that don’t.

I’ll speak more of tomorrow, tomorrow. But as for today, I guess it’s just a normal, blank day on the calendar. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find something to enjoy about these or any other 24 hours in the year.

Well I’m back tomorrow, with a 4th of July special. Apologies for the overload of links on this posting – I just covered a massive amount of history in a couple hundred words, so if you’re curious, click and read on!



Okay I lied, I’m not ready to write and think very hard today… It’s Sunday! I might just start taking Sundays off…

My apologies, though, for not keeping my word from yesterday. I’m not by any means stopping my blogging, but rather de-frying my brain. It’s not that philosophy is brain-frying, it’s just my efforts each day to articulate my thoughts is becoming difficult. I need a new approach. So in the meantime, while I think on that, have a nice evening.


I’m A Little Distracted Today, Okay?


Sorry to be so late, it was a long car ride back. My head is in a funny place so bear with me.

What do I have to say about today? Well the truth is, I can’t really sit and write down something powerful and full length (by my standards). Maybe it’s because I just came from several days of constant distractions, but whatever it is, I feel like it would be a unthoughtful of me to write about something half-way focused when I could normally write it out far more complete and polished.

These moments happen sometimes, and as I wrote in this post, you can’t always focus all the time – I, at least, push myself too hard most of the time.

English: John Lennon Deutsch: John Lennon

John Lennon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Distractions in general, though, can be a huge cause of stress for me. I spoke about expectations in my piece about failure, and often I cannot reach my expectations because I am too busy doing things that draw my attention elsewhere.

I don’t want to seem like a stickler about staying focused, though. Because a lot of the time, I’m not focused at all. To be honest, distractions can bring about incredibly exciting/unexpected new things in one’s life. Often times I believe that what we think is worth all of our attention really only is something that leads to another, more important thing. In a nutshell:

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

~ John Lennon

So I’ll be back tomorrow with a full-length posting, and for now, don’t be afraid to get distracted. You just might discover something nice.


The Sunday Slump


Sunday, the day I tell my brain to shut off and do minimal work. I’ve been sitting in front of this computer forever, but I can’t seem to boot up my mind, particularly to think about something abstract and interesting to read about. It’s a shame, I know. But it’s a little too late to change that.

I never understood those people that are capable of working at top speed almost all the time. The ‘efficient’ people. I heard that Martha Stuart gets four hours of sleep a night. Is that really the case? What’s her secret? I need to level up in that department.

People do cause damage to themselves when that kind of thing happens. I’m talking about a lack of sleeping, or beyond that, just taking breaks, relaxing, meditating, or doing something that calms the soul.

Sunday is the famous ‘relax day’, but thinking about the entire week, 144 hours not counting Sunday, that is way too much time to just power through. When one does that – pushing, pushing, pushing, you get me, a brain-dead writer on Sundays, or even sometimes during the middle of the week (which, let me tell you, can be darn near lethal).

It’s quite a bad system. But there is a good reason why breaks have the connotation of being a waste of time. As a species interested in material things, we don’t have the patience to see the value of something that isn’t sitting right in front of us. Seeing only the short-term affects of something has become something a lot of us seem to only care about. Because I’m not going to stop my latest project to meditate, when meditation is something I could do at any time. But then, there will always be something right in front of it in terms of priorities. You’re only really going to see the rewards once your enjoying them.

Well that’s all… sorry to be short today,